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What happens to your horse in the time between your death and probate of your will? When your will actually goes through the probate process, will your wishes regarding care of your horse be enforceable? Will they be honored by the probate court? Posted by Karen L. One day you come across a newspaper column. It describes a tragic automobile accident in which several people died. You suddenly realize that if something like that happened to you, you would want someone to take care of your horse.

You talk to a friend who agrees to take care of Midnight Star for as long as the horse lives. You agree to set aside enough money in your will to cover the reasonable and necessary expenses for upkeep of the horse. Unfortunately, you die before your horse does. It will take some time for your will to be probated.

Meanwhile, Midnight Star needs food, water, and a clean stall. Maybe not. With careful planning and sound legal advice, however, you can prevent most of these problems. The suggestions in this article relate primarily to horses owned for pleasure. Some of these ideas also can apply to horses owned for business, but in that situation, there are estate planning and tax considerations that are beyond the scope of this article.

When you die, someone Create a free account with TheHorse. In order to access some of our exclusive free content, you must be signed into TheHorse. Start your free account today! Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Karen L. She currently practices law in the area of estate planning administration and has written several publications related to personal finance.

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.Recently, we took on a new client who has 40 horses in the barn. They breed and train horses, as well as offering show and lesson programs. While reviewing the financial statements, we found all of the horses were listed as inventory. We started asking questions and found that the client was using a tax accountant who is a friend of her father and who has no prior experience with horse businesses.

He just assumed that she would be selling all of her horses. What does that mean? All of her horses were considered inventory when in reality some of them were fixed assets equipment that she used for her lesson program.

As fixed assets, the horses could be depreciated and would generate expense thus lowering the taxes she had to pay. She has had her business for seven years, and unfortunately we can only amend her taxes for the past three.

Allocate Your Assets Horses for Sale

But the bottom line is that she overpaid her taxes for the past nine years. Do you know if your horses should be listed as inventory or equipment? Does your accountant know? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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allocate your assets horse

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Email required Address never made public. Name required.With this RUST update, players were granted a new mechanism to quickly traverse the map, without having to hit the skies or waterways. Horses have many advantages to them and are significantly quieter than the buzzing sounds of other transport vessels, such as the minicoptersscrap transport helicopterrowboatsand the RHIBs.

Horse riding is a somewhat new edition to Rust, making them the first rideable animals. Horses provide players with a faster way to travel the world of Rust with an increase of protection and enjoyment. Horses can be found naturally within most biomes and are most common around roads and monuments.

What's a Bucket Strategy, and Is It Right for Your Retirement Portfolio?

Horses spawn with saddle already equipped, allowing you to ride off without pre-built equipment. This feature will likely be changed, requiring you to build a saddle to ride the horse. In total, you can find ten different breeds of horses that can provide additional speed and health, while for each breed, the stamina remains the same. The white and black fur bred horses will be the best to find since they are the fastest type of horses coming in at a speed of 54km an hour, while other horses tend to sit around 38, 43, or 47km an hour.

The speed for each horse will also depend on the terrain, with roads being the best for max speed.

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Almost all horses come with total health of with the exception being the Bay breed, which comes with health. This will allow the horse to take an additional shot or two before being killed compared to the other horses. Once you have found a horse, its total available stamina will likely be low and require a boost.

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If the total stamina reaches zero the horse will die. So by feeding up meats, vegetables, packaged food, and fruit, the total available stamina will increase and additionally heal the horse. The most effective food to heal your horse includes the pumpkin, raspberries, cooked chicken, cooked deer, and blueberries, which adds 20 health points per item. With a decreased total available stamina, the horse will not sustain a sprint for long.

When sprinting the horse will quickly lose stamina, which can be recharged over time by allowing the horse to rest or move at a slower pace. Sprinting will also further reduce the total stamina available, later requiring you to feed it. The max speed for your horse is also affected by the total available stamina.So take the time out to do your homework, and be ready to deploy your capital in ! Last 3 Days to take advantage of the Xmas Promo! So buy now to protect against any future price increases!

The Promo will run for the entire month of December, from today until 31 December For the smaller and riskier ones like Starhill Global? But what do you do next? Do you lock in gains and go to cash, or do you hold?

Where do you park your cash instead? The FH Course is for beginner investors who want to learn the basics and fundamentals of investing. If you are new to investing, or have anywhere from one to five years experience investing, this is a great choice. But because the mid term is going to be inflationary, high quality REITs are one of my highest conviction investments for the next decade. BUT — this is a scenario that calls for active investing. I cannot predict with exact certainty how the entire COVID crisis will play out, but it will be volatile, and it will be an uneven recovery across the world.

Take the opportunity to improve yourself. Learn about investing the right way. Learn about investing from the ground up. To build this course, I re-thought my entire approach towards asset allocation for Singaporean investors. In fact, I would even go so far to say that the Asset Allocation module itself is probably worth the entire course fee.

And the lifetime access means you can watch and rewatch the materials at your own pace, for as long as you need. It took me 10 years to build up the knowledge I have today.

And in investing, 2. If I had been offered such a course 10 years ago when I began my investing journey, I absolutely would have jumped at the chance. Signing up to the course gets you lifetime membership.

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The course will be continually updated with new content to keep up with market conditions, like it has been the past year. You can review the course year after year to refresh your fundamentals as well as keep up with the latest developments.

The Course Fee will only go up over time! It assumes you already have a basic understanding of asset allocation and how financial markets work. You should be learning about tax planning, CPF and asset allocation. Then this Masterclass is for you.When it comes to your retirement, one of the biggest fears you may have is that you'll run out of money before you run out of time -- and it's a common worry.

According to a survey by Allianz Life, six in 10 non-retirees have this precise fear. You'll almost certainly need to keep some of your money invested in stocks in your senior years to keep parts of your portfolio growing even as you live off of those investments.

But if there's a bear market during your retirement years, having to sell stocks or other assets while their values are down can heighten your risk. However, not holding stocks at all comes with its own set of risks. If your portfolio's growth can't outpace inflation, you are much more likely to outlive your money. If you're looking for a plan that will let you invest for growth while keeping the money you'll need in the near term safe from volatility, the bucket strategy may be right for you.

To use the bucket strategy, you divide your retirement assets into three categories based on when you will draw down on them. The first bucket is for money that you intend to spend very soon -- over the next year or two. This money should not be invested. Keep it in your bank accounts. The next bucket is for the portion of your portfolio that you expect to use in the medium term -- say, from two to 10 years in the future.

You can invest this money but not in assets that are apt to fluctuate too much. This bucket should be made up of fixed-income investments like certificates of deposit and bonds. The last bucket is for growth. Money that you don't expect to use for at least 10 years can be invested in instruments like stocks that will provide you with higher long-term rates of return.

Even if there's a market crash during your retirement, you will be able to hold onto those stocks for quite some time, which should give your portfolio time to recover. As bucket one runs low, you'll replenish it from bucket two, which in turn should be topped off by shifting money from bucket three.

allocate your assets horse

Using a bucket strategy can help you control your emotions and prevent you from selling investments out of fear. Because the money that you'll need over the next 10 years has no stock market exposure, your immediate livelihood won't be threatened by short-term market fluctuations.

Deciding on a bucket strategy before you hit your senior years can also help you plot out a retirement income strategy. Many people make plans about how they will save for retirement throughout their careers, but they may not give as much thought to the spending-down phase of things. A bucket strategy requires you to map out how much you will spend each year in retirement ahead of time. Planning how you will use your money in advance may help you stick to your budget better.

Even if the growth bucket of your portfolio is invested entirely in stocks, your asset allocation model may be too conservative.She is big, pretty, great mover and great mother.

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allocate your assets horse

Zeus string test to be over 17hh!! He has long legs and the big trot to go with it!! He is halter broke, stands for farrier, vaccinations, de-worming, bathes and clips and lightly started on the longe line.

Videos can be viewed on our youtube page link at the top of the page. Apollo string tests to be at least 16'3- he is the best mined colt out there!

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Loves people, he is halter broke, stands for farrier, de-worming, vaccinations, clips, bathes. And with his amazing personality will make anyone a perfect stallion prospect. Look for her in the 2 year old futurities!!! Dont Forget the Girl. Ima Drop Dead Diva 2.

allocate your assets horse

Will is a very big baby, very strong long legged colt. This guy will for sure be over 17 hh!! Cher SOLD. Sonny SOLD. Apollo SOLD. Details R Hot Jewels.Thrill rides are for amusement parks, not financial portfolios. Even if you love a good dose of heart-pounding action, wild swings in your account balances aren't the way to get it. When it comes to your wealth, keep things steady by following best practices for asset allocation.

Asset allocation is the diversification of your holdings across stocks, bonds, and cash. The goal is to balance the growth potential of stocks with the stability of bonds and cash for more predictable portfolio growth.

There are many nuances to asset allocation, but we're boiling them down here to the top five, must-know rules. When your investment timeline is short, market corrections are especially problematic -- both emotionally and financially.

Emotionally, your stress level spikes because you had plans to use that money and now some of it's gone. You might even get spooked and sell. And financially, selling your stocks at the bottom of the market locks in your losses and puts you at risk of missing the recovery.

Adjusting your stock allocation according to your timeline helps you bypass those problems. For example:. You may have heard of age-based asset allocation guidelines like the Rule of and the Rule of The Rule of determines the percentage of stocks to hold by subtracting your age from The Rule of works the same way, but you start with instead of These rules attempt to define your asset allocation solely by your investment timeline.

The thing is, timeline isn't the only factor in play. Risk tolerance can be just as important. At the end of the day, diversifying your asset classes should provide you with peace of mind. If you're 65 and seasoned enough to stay cool through market cycles, go ahead and hold more stocks. You won't have the highest returns on the block, but you will sleep better at night. When times are good, it's tempting to believe the stock market will continue to rise indefinitely. And that belief may encourage you to chase higher profits by holding more stocks.

This is a mistake.

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You follow an asset allocation strategy precisely because you can't time the market and you don't know when a correction is coming. If you let market conditions influence your allocation strategy, you're really not following a strategy at all.